Wishnevsky String Instruments
612 McCreary Street, Winston Salem NC, 27105

I make affordable string instruments for the working musician.

Introducing a new model: Wishbass JJK Bass and Guitars

The JJK model is based on JJ Cale’s backless rat guitar. Designed to sound like an acoustic, giving great response and tone, with an open back that prevents uncontrolled feedback. Make it scream like a Marshall stack with a tiny amp, or back up one step to sound like a fat archtop.

By using mostly domestic woods, innovative design and traditional methods, I can offer great sounding guitars of many types, harp guitars, the entire mandolin family and even upright basses at prices that are twenty percent of price of the Boutique  Instruments. Guitars and Mandolin Family instruments start at $300.00, Harp Guitars at $600.00, and Uprights at $1,200.00

I have been making guitars and other instruments since 1973, when I apprenticed to David A. Sturgill of Piney Creek, North Carolina. There I studied alongside  Wayne C. Henderson, Kyle Creed, and Albert Hash, in an intensive experience that included full immersion in Appalachian Culture and Music.

After leaving Sturgill in 1977, i moved to Middle Tennessee, and opened my first shop, experimenting with design and use of domestic woods.

I worked for nearly two years for Ovation Instruments where I studied guitar physics with James A. Ricard, their Chief engineer and Seth Hedu a second generation Jazz guitar maker.

Returning to Tennessee, i finalized some designs, then moved to Winston Salem NC, where i continued to work in the Furniture Industry and make guitars until 2001 when i opened Wishbass.com to make Fretless Electric Basses for sale.

Wishbass has achieved a worldwide reputation for honest worth and great tone.

I also continue to make guitars, mandolins and basses for the working musician .
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